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Areas of Expertise


Our nutrition program concentrates on removing dietary additives that may or may not cause inflammation and then replacing them with whole foods. Throughout each month, you are given an easy to follow list of "go" and "no go" foods. The primary idea is to target cravings, teach you why symptoms appear, and what to do to counteract them, all while learning what is best for your body.

Physical Fitness

Whether you have years of training experience or have never stepped foot in a gym, together we will create a program that will be stress free and allow you to reap all the benefits physical activity has to offer.

  • Goal Assessment

  • Initial Physical Fitness Test

  • Monthly Fitness Test to track your progress

  • Final Fitness Test to see your results


Through this element, clients receive daily and weekly assignments that reveal how meditation can be used for emotional growth, releasing trauma, and accessing inner wisdom. Optimal health and wellness is achieved when we align our environment, body and soul as one.

Our Approach

The Clear Mind Program uses a combination of one on one coaching sessions, Nutrition Coaching, Physical Training, Mindfulness Exercises, and "Neuro-Affective Meditation" created by psychotherapist Marianne Bentzen. These processes can be used for emotional growth, releasing trauma, and accessing inner wisdom.


Phase 1

Here, our main focus is on nutrition and being willing to become open to change through daily mindfulness exercises.


Phase 2

Phase two brings food re-introductions and weekly meditation exercises. Your physical fitness journey will start here as well.

Yoga by the Ocean

Phase 3

By now you know what your body craves for nourishment and you are getting the hang of your physical fitness routine. We complete your journey with an introduction to Neuro-Affective Meditation.

My Approach
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