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Jani Skala

B.S. Psychology | Disabled Army Combat Veteran | Mental Health Advocate

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Jani's Story

Jani's journey has been defined by resilience, service, and an unyielding commitment to improving the lives of others. As a disabled Army combat Veteran with overseas tours to Afghanistan and Iraq, Jani's experiences have shaped her into a compassionate health and wellness coach, and the creator of Clear Mind Health. Her mission is to guide individuals struggling with stress management and weight loss towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Jani's personal journey into the realm of health and wellness was sparked by her own experience of adopting a keto diet and losing 50 pounds. This transformation not only impacted her physical health but also led to a noticeable stabilization in her PTSD symptoms. This first-hand realization became a driving force behind her mission to help others harness the power of diet and behavioral changes to overcome their own challenges.

Innovative Research and Scholarly Pursuits:

Jani's commitment to enhancing the lives of those who have experienced trauma extends beyond her coaching role. Her research focuses on the intricate connections between diet and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This groundbreaking work stems from her belief that diet plays a pivotal role in how the body responds to stressors, and she hypothesizes that specific dietary elements can impact the frequency and severity of mental health symptoms. Jani's visionary outlook has the potential to revolutionize the field of clinical psychology.

Future Aspirations and Leadership:

With a steadfast goal in mind, Jani is working towards her goal of completing a PhD in clinical psychology, aiming to establish a clinic tailored to individuals living with PTSD and those who have endured trauma. Her conviction that diet and mental health are intrinsically linked has the potential to transform lives on a profound level. In addition to her academic pursuits, Jani is directing the "Brady's Legacy Ruck March," set to commence in the Spring of 2024, and leading the "Evolve" program, a collaborative effort between Clear Mind Health and CrossFit Fargo.



Jani Skala's journey, marked by her military service, dedication to service, and innovative approach to health and wellness, exemplifies the power of resilience and empathy. Her commitment to guiding individuals towards better mental and physical well-being, while exploring groundbreaking connections between diet and mental health, is a testament to her leadership and vision. Jani's future endeavors hold the promise of making a profound impact on the lives of those who have experienced trauma, underlining her role as a true catalyst for positive change.

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